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Jul 3, 2011 9:00pm EDT
about this because his plan is to make great britain -- britain like greece. at the time when the economy is the key issue, he cannot talk about the economy because of his plans for tax cuts. this is what we see every week. he has a talk about the micro because he cannot talk about the macro. >> quarter. -- order, order. i asked you to reflect on what the public thinks of this sort of behavior. >> will the prime minister say that they will be turning over in their graves if they say the conservative sector doing this in england. >> my hon. friend has an extremely good. . i hope it is in order to talk about the record of labour in wales. what we see, if anyone wants to know what happened to the national health service, they can look over at wales, where they are slashing the budget and see more people waiting for a longer period that is what happens when the labor party is running the national health service. >> the leader of the opposition helped to create 300 more jobs, but because of his government and the reversal of policy, the renewable energy association says that the jo
Jul 4, 2011 12:00am EDT
about greece because his plan is to make britain like greece. [shouting] what the whole country would have noticed is at a time when the economy is the key issue he can't talk about the economy because of his ludicrous plan for tax cuts. that's what we see. week after week. he has to talk about the microbe because he can't talk about the macro. >> we are very grateful. >> order, order. order, order. order. i appeal to the house to calm down and reflect on what republic thinks. >> with the prime minister -- [inaudible] spirit by honorable fred has been an extremely good point and i hope it's an order, mr. speaker, to talk about labour's record in wales. because that is a torture talk about labour's record in wales because what we're seeing if anybody wants to know, what would happen to the nhs under labour, they can look at wales where they are flushing the nhs budget and they are seeing more people waiting for longer that is what happens when you have a labour party running the nhs. >> the leader of the opposition helped create 300 more jobs earlier this year. but today because of his
Jul 10, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. this is a good investment for britain, for british taxpayers to make sure we reduce inequality in our world. >> can the prime minister explain whether he thinks that the cost of his nhs reforms set to rise even further we now know with the revelation that a new super quango is going to be created. it might be partly responsible putting at risk services at the popular school in my constituency? >> what we've actually seen since this government has taken office is more than 2,000 more doctors but 4,000 fewer managers. and we are cutting bureaucracy by a third. i know they don't like to hear it. but if we'd followed their plans and cut nhs spending, you'd see the number of doctors, the number of nurses, the number of operations going down. and just this morning, we see the figures for the number of diagnostic tests in the u.k. going up. that's because of the investment going in under this government. >> thank you, mr. speaker. will the prime minister be aware of the news this morning that portugal's debt has been downgraded to junk status. does he not agreed that you can't put off difficult de
Jul 11, 2011 12:00am EDT
.k. this is a good investment for britain and british taxpayers. >> can you explain whether the cost of this reform is set to rise even further? it is even higher. mib partly responsible for the health services. >> well we have actually seen as more and into thousand more doctors. he would see the number going down. it is going in. >> is the prime minister aware? does he not agreed that you cannot put off difficult decisions? >> plan b stands for bankruptcy. we can see what happens if government does not get a grip. that is what this governor is doing. >> says the price minister agree with you. will the prime minister support this sex it is the maximum sentence. >> it is not just because the constituent case. it is death by dangerous driving. someone was really damaged permanently. we are looking at this issue. we hope to make this progress. we will not be a global player. do you agree that it needs reminding? >> it is not what to do it the first question. it is disorderly. >> it was remarkable yesterday. it is involved with the imf. they are getting through. there is details. it should be made pub
Jul 13, 2011 7:00am EDT
, phone hacking by news of the world reporters dominated the news in britain. immediately following prime minister's questions, the prime minister will make a statement about government inquiries into the scandal. just before question times, members are finishing up other legislative business. >> to the prime minister, mr. hames. number one, mr. speaker. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i had meeting this morning, in addition to the duties in the house, i shall have further such meetings today. >> mr. speaker, secretly deleting voicemails left for a teenager. buying the silence of the public figures that could incriminate your business, and publishing the details of a disabilitied child who happens to have a famous father. i ask the prime minister are any of these the acts of a fit and proper person? >> here. >> my honorable friends makes an extremely powerful point in a powerful way. i think we have to be clear about what is happening here. there is a fire storm, if you like that, that is engulfing parts of the media, parts of the police, and indeed our political system's ability
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)